Atypic Chocolate Team

Atypic Chocolate is a passionate team who want to bring you the best, combining traditional knowledge and modern methods to create a unique and quality product. This enthusiastic crew is lead by Charles Lemai.

Charles Lemai

I started my journey as a chef before becoming a pastry chef, and have been in this industry since the late 1990’s. Having been trained in France the traditional way, receiving two chefs apprentice degrees, I gained the knowledge and experience to become a professional chef, pastry chef and chocolatier. After a few years working for my family’s catering company, I had the opportunity to work and stay in Australia, where I learned the multiculturalism of various countries within the kitchen. Having achieved my initial goals upon landing in Australia, I chose to accept a position as Executive pastry chef for four years. I was then ready for a new challenge and become Pastry Lecturer for Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne, while I was working on my own company : Atypic Chocolate.

Atypic Chocolate Origins

I fell in love with chocolate. I have worked with chocolate for years but I did not know how it was made. I travelled to Vietnam, and this is where it all happened. I discovered chocolate from its source, learned the process and mastered it.

My background as a French chocolatier and pastry chef gave me the style, skills and the creativity. Making chocolate from the beans where I am able to enhance, highlight its characters and develop a product that reflects my values makes me very proud.

South Melbourne Market is the home of my workshop. We share the same values on supporting local growers, sustainability and being all inclusive for the community. I feel that this is the best space to begin my journey, and so I am here. – Let’s live this adventure !

-Charles Lemai
Director/Founder of Atypic Chocolate