You can discover our whole process in our open kitchen, in South Melbourne Market. Preparing excellent chocolate isn’t a mechanical process, it needs handcrafting methods at every stage to ensure you are offered the best product, controlled from ingredients selection to the bar you savour. We want to ensure that every step is perfectly made.

Bean Sorting

Only the finest make it in our chocolate. The beans are sorted by hand to get only the good stuff. We also separate them according to size in preparation for the perfect roast.

Bean Roasting

We bring out the distinct style and character of the cacao bean through time and temperature control. Roasting further develops the chocolate flavour, from fruity to earthy or nutty. This is where the magic unfolds.


Our whole roasted cacao beans pass through our winnower to be crushed, separating the beans from the husk. This leaves us with nothing but perfectly roasted cocoa nibs.

Cacao Nib Grinding & Conching

In over 48 to 72 hours, we stone grind our cocoa nibs between granite rollers, creating cocoa liquor. Then, we add unprocessed organic sugar and select natural ingredients to highlight the cocoa beans’ best characters. The chocolate is conched and within this time, aromas are balanced, flavours refined and our chocolate is fine tuned ready for moulding.

Chocolate Tempering and Moulding

We temper our chocolates and give them precise movement in controlled temperature. We create the exact cocoa butter crystals to give the glossiest shine, the perfect snap and just the right texture. Finally, our chocolates are poured into moulds and allowed to set.

We love our chocolates and everything else that we make with it ! Our creations are inspired by our stories, from childhood memories to the simple nice things in life. Our craft bars, hot chocolate and chocolate pastries are all done in our kitchen with the same passion and attention to detail we give from our beans to our bars.