Handcrafted Chocolate Bars

Our chocolate is above all yours. South Melbourne Market is home to our kitchen where our oven, winnower and conches are always at work. From bean sorting to moulding, everything is crafted by hand and we only make what we think is best for our cocoa beans.

Chocolate Bars Ingredients

At Atypic, we carefully source our cocoa beans, so we make sure that anything we add to it are given as much care and only come from those who share the same values : environmentally sustainable, ethically traded, and where possible organic and local. We only use real natural ingredients : organic raw sugar, organic or direct trade beans, australian milk powder, non GMO sunflower lecithin.

Atypic Chocolate Bars

Our collection of chocolate bars is honest and genuine. They are made to accentuate our carefully selected cocoa beans’ best characters. Just like wine discover subtle notes of red fruits, molasses, honey or even tobacco. We also like to have a bit of fun, so we pair them with natural ingredients like freshly roasted nuts, herbs, spices and fruits to create various flavour and textural experiences. Nothing too complicated, it’s all that simple.