Handcrafted Chocolate Pastries

We like our pastries simple and authentic. At Atypic, we select our ingredients with a lot of care so we make sure that we always bring out our ingredients’ best characteristics. Our pastries are handcrafted with the minimum of fuss and made fresh daily.

Chocolate Pastries Ingredients

All our pastries are made with premium ingredients. Our eggs, from Burd Eggs’ healthy and happy chooks, are free range. We don’t use any refined sugar at all, only organic raw sugar or organic rapadura sugar. Our flour is organic AND unbleached to keep all the nutrients. Our nuts are organic or pesticide free. Most of our ingredients come from Honest to Goodness, acknowledged as the major Australian reference for certified organic food and natural products. These wonderful ingredients are lifted to a higher plane, thanks to the skills and experience of our pastry chef.

Atypic Chocolate Merveilleux

A reinterpretation of a classic from the North of France. Made of two layers of crisp meringue, light and airy whipped ganache and delicately shaved chocolate. It’s Charles’ childhood favourite and he still loves it now.

Merveilleux au Chocolat

French Meringue coated with dark chocolate, chocolate crémeux and dark chocolate whipped ganache, coated with chocolate shavings.

Merveilleux au Praliné

French meringue coated with hazelnut chocolate, homemade almond and hazelnut praliné, dark chocolate whipped ganache, coated with milk chocolate shavings.

Merveilleux Matcha

Matcha french meringue coated with matcha white chocolate, vanilla whipped ganache, white chocolate matcha shavings.

Seasonal Merveilleux

Our seasonal merveilleux will change regularly. Ask our staff for more information.

Atypic Chocolate Pastries

Brownie, our Best-Seller

Inspired by the Americans, our brownie is made with the best ingredients available. We like it simple and moist, no doubt you will love it !

Flourless Orange Chocolate Cake

Our flourless chocolate orange treat is made with only with four quality ingredients plus our Solomon Island single origin dark chocolate. We like to keep it simple and tasty. Tell us what you think about it !

Banana Bread

Banana bread is a must in Melbourne, this is why we have added some cacao nibs and fully coated it with our Solomon Island single origin dark chocolate. Enjoy !

Seasonal Chocolate Choux

With our french heritage, we couldn’t resist proposing one of the most iconic pastries in France : choux. Check out in our store our seasonal chocolate choux !


Our selection of cookies will be the perfect treat with our hot chocolate, or just as it comes, for the young among you.

Chocolate Lollipop

Made with our single origin chocolate and coated with nuts, called mendiant in France, this lollipop will give you a sneak peek of our chocolate range.

We love having fun in the kitchen so every now and then we come up with new exciting chocolate based pastries. It’s worth having a look !